The Mini Tour - What it's all about

The Whirlwind Mini Tour and leaderboard is a fantastic way of engaging young players within exciting competition. The Tour encourages players to enjoy playing against other local tennis players in a fun, competitive environment. Players can monitor their progress on the web and also see how fellow competitors are doing, giving young players a real sense of achievement and also something to work towards.

The Whirlwind Mini Tour circuit of events helps young players learn how to play matches and gain valuable experience. It is an important step in developing experience and key skills and can provide the confidence for players to move on to more challenging competition as their game develops.

How it works…

  • All players competing in the Devon & Cornwall Whirlwind Mini Tour circuit Red (8U), Orange (9U) or Green (10U) will be awarded points towards an online ‘Leaderboard’.  The leaderboards will be published on the Whirlwind Mini Tour website and updated during the season (depending on results being received).
  • All Whirlwind Mini Tour titled events in the competition schedule will count towards a player's points on their home County leaderboard.  There are separate leaderboards each season.  Winter season – 01 September to 31 March.  Summer Season – 01 April to 31 August.
  • Players will get 10 points for every match they play and receive an additional 40 points for every match won.
  • A player’s best six competitions' points totals will go towards their final total (it is not a cumulative total of all points earned). 
  • At the end of the Whirlwind Mini Tour season there will be a masters final for up to the top 8 players on Devon’s leaderboard and up to the top 8 on Cornwall’s leaderboard to find the overall champions.  
  • Players can enter as many Whirlwind Mini Tour events across their County or neighbouring County as they wish. However, in order to be able to qualify for the masters final they must have competed in a minimum of 4 events in their age group/ball colour and at least 2 events must have been in their home County.
  • Players will appear on their home County’s leaderboard and points earned from all events played will be added, no matter in which County they were played.

Through the leaderboard, young players can find out who is on top of the Red, Orange and Green Whirlwind Mini Tour and can strive to reach the No. 1 position and get into the end of season masters finals.


Whirlwind Sports  is a locally owned family run business since 1980, providing people near and far with the best sporting brands in the world. Tennis is one of Whirlwind's main sports and the company is keen to support Tennis Cornwall, Devon LTA and clubs in both Counties to provide competitive opportunities for our mini players through the Mini Tour.